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    Choose an appointment type, then day and time. You will be able to choose from the following appointment types below:

    20 Minute Consult with Dr. Eileen:

    This appointment is for checkins for ongoing clients or for first time clients who don't quite know what they need! This appointment is done by phone.

    1 Hour Consult with Dr. Eileen:

    This appointment is to dive deep into the issues you'd like to cover. We will start with a consult as a new client which is followed by a Report of Findings and Recommendation of Care. If you are an ongoing client, this appointment is for you to dive deeper into your goals and or reassess what's next in your evolution of care.

    Detox/Cleanse Mentoring:

    Dr. Eileen is prepared to lead you through your entire detox/cleanse with phone and text support as well as weekly scheduled checkins!

    Heavy Metal Test Report:

    It's important, when doing the testing you are doing, to have the report understood. Therefore, Dr. Eileen insist on a consult with a Recommendation of care if she is running the tests for you.

    Follow prompts through the form steps and finalize the appointment.

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