Treating Alzheimer’s Disease Using Cannabis

Today on Hempire we are joined by James E Tripp from Ontario, Canada who treats his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease using cannabis. After a long struggle to get legal medical access his mother is now a licensed user, the medicine is delivered to the nursing home by a Licensed Producer, and it is administered by the medical staff. James also consults on cannabis therapy for other patients and makes medicines from raw plant materials.

James worked for several years as a land surveyor and then in support services for a local hospital as well as running his own computer service business until 2010. From 2005 to 2016 he was also personal a support worker for his mother and her husband, and as a result of his own experience, as well as treating his mother he is now a self-employed cannabis consultant assisting individuals in learning how to apply cannabinoid therapy to their daily routine.

His mother obtains her cannabis meds from a licensed producer in Canada that are shipped directly to the home. He has an ACMPR license and produces his own medicine in an indoor grow facility in his basement, as well as manufactures his own concentrates, tinctures, and topical creams. He uses his home production facility to teach others how to make their own medicines from raw bud and will even teach them how to grow and can even help build them the facility necessary.

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