How I Discovered Herbal Therapy

Today on Hempire Dr. Eileen is joined by Dr. Bill Rawls about “How I Discovered Herbal Therapy”. Bill was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in his mid-forties. he developed insomnia, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, and all the symptoms that collectively pointed toward a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Frustrated, he tried to make sense of the situation. Development of chest pain and heartbeat irregularity suggested something more than just fibromyalgia, but a cardiac catheterization showing clean vessels and normal labs for cholesterol, thyroid, and blood chemistries just added to my frustration. None of the symptoms added up, and my medical colleagues were just as puzzled as he was.

Dr. Rawls began to search outside conventional medicine. With no other solution to turn to, he steered away from conventional medicine and changed my healing methods. Bill began shifting his focus from unsuccessfully searching for a diagnosis towards health restoration. He became extremely vigilant about his diet, adopted a moderate exercise regimen that my condition allowed, practiced meditation, and learned yoga. He’d always had an interest in natural healthcare and began studying and experimenting with herbal supplements known to have restorative value. Thankfully, these experiments started to work; his health began to gradually rebound… until the tick bite.

  1. How I Discovered Herbal Therapy 31:19