CBD Treatment That Gave A Child With Autism The Ability To Speak

Today on Hempire our host Eileen Karpfinger is joined by Clinical Psychologist Dr Giovanni Martinez who treats patients using Cannabidiol (CBD) products. One of Dr Martinez’s patients Kalel overcame his autism symptoms using CBD.

When he was just 10 months old, Kale Santiago was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. He spent more than two years undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. When he was 3, Kalel was pronounced cancer-free.

However, the joy of winning the painful battle against the deadly disease was short-lived. Kalel was diagnosed with severe, non-verbal autism. The Santiagos were aware of the negative perceptions around the use of cannabis oil, yet they took a tiny sample bottle of Hemp Health to administer to Kalel.

After they sprayed Hemp Health into his mouth, twice daily (as directed on the label) for two consecutive days, they were stunned to “hear” the result: Kalel spoke his first words.

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