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Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor in Oakland, California. Dr. Karpfinger has been working with her husband Dr. Aaron Rosselle, DC at iCOR for over 17 years where they focus on holistic solutions to balancing the body. When vaccine mandate law was introduced in the state of California, Dr. Karpfinger was on the front lines opposing this law, knowing the impact it would have on babies and children and their families. Dr Karpfinger has used nutrition, herbal and mycological adaptigens, probiotics, and chiropractic to help babies, children...

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Heavy Metal Toxicity Questionnaire

Environmental Toxins have increased gradually over the past few decades. Often the most direct way of rebalancing our health involves TAKING AWAY something that is interfering with our balance. I offer you this Heavy Metal Toxicity Questionnaire as a First Step to knowing if you may have Metals to remove to help YOU or your family member Heal! We\'ve Got This! Just click the button below to start

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